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[Bug-gnubg] Export positions to GammOnLine format

From: Ian Shaw
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Export positions to GammOnLine format
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 12:54:38 +0100

Position ID: c68LAgB2bzMAAA Match ID: UQmgACAAAAAA

I exported this position to post on GOL, but it didn't quite work. The cube
is with X so the central block on the right hand side should be empty.
GnuBg uses <img src="../Images/c_ce_0.gif" alt="" /> 

This doesn't appear as a valid graphic when posted.
Greg Cattanach's GoFigure produces

<IMG SRC=../Images/c_blank.gif WIDTH=24 HEIGHT=20>

which does work.

The export may also be messing up images produced by GoFigure. View this
post http://www.gammonline.com/members/board/config.cgi?read=38875
with the message board preferences set to Guest-book style, threaded. A
GoFigure board and a GnuBg are displayed on the same page, but the GoFigure
board components are displayed one after another in series down the page.
With the By Threads, Mixed setting, only one post is displayed at a time and
the GoFigure board is OK. Of course, this may be a problem with GoFigure
which has not been revealed due to the lack of other means of posting.

A few of other points:

The title refers to red and black. They should be White and Blue,
respectively. (The pip count gets this right.)
The big, bold fonts for Game Number and players/match score don't look right
here. Can they be made normal size please?
The two horizontal separators don't really need to be there. They break the
post up with greater intensity than the separations between multiple posts.
Is there a good reason for the W3 link buttons? They are non-bg related and
it's not obvious what they are for.


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