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[Bug-gnubg] Other Import suggestions

From: Albert Silver
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Other Import suggestions
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 13:51:51 -0300



            I wanted to suggest that information on dates/times also be included with the file information in the Import dialogue. The reason is that I play a good amount of games on GG and enjoy importing them. However, I don’t always remember the exact filename which is necessary when looking for a specific match against an opponent I have already played. For example, I played 5 matches against an opponent over the period of 3 days, but when importing the last ones, I wsn’t sure which one was the most recent one. If I could just click on a column with the date/time information, automatically re-ordering the files according to this, it would always be easy to find the last match I played.

            Finally, I think it would be more practical if the program would filter out files that are not related to the extension I am searching. In other words, if I’m searching for .mat files in a directory, that it always display ONLY files with that extension. I understand someone mentioned this wasn’t necessary for non-Windows versions, but of course, my suggestion is at least specifically for the Windows versions, and any others where it might apply.



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