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[Bug-gnubg] Re: race-database and possible bot weakness

From: Robert-Jan Veldhuizen
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Re: race-database and possible bot weakness
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 03:16:26 +0200

At 21:32 10/1/2002 -0300, Albert wrote:

[from a discussion with Neil:]

NON-contact races where bots are generally very

Yes. I really think Neil was thinking SNOWIE 3.2 here, and maybe Jellyfish. GNUBG isn't weak and definitely not very weak in these positions, in fact I'd say it's very strong in these positions, since GNUBG has a good RACE neural net which Snowie apparently lacks.

I think Neil hasn't tried GNUBG enough to tell and perhaps just assumed GNUBG would be similar to Snowie, but it's not. I've never seen GNUBG make the silly racing plays Snowie sometimes makes.

Of course GNUBG's RACE NN isn't perfect, so it might still be worth trying to improve something here, but I really hope most of the efforts are spent trying to improve other sorts of position evaluations. I feel very confident that there's a LOT more to gain in many other areas than racing with GNUBG, like bearing in/off versus contact as you showed with your examples (will look at those more closer now!).

BTW, note that 3-ply is sometimes worse than 2-ply (in general, not sure if it applies to these positions as well). So I think I'll do some rollouts to see what's going on here.

Robert-Jan (Zorba on FIBS)

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