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[Bug-gnubg] GNU backgame eval + bug

From: Albert Silver
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] GNU backgame eval + bug
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2002 14:49:44 -0300

From a post in Gammonoline with Position ID: 2LYBCDPOewMAAA


On SW 4's best setting, 3ply/precise. 360 rollouts give a cubeless equity of .565 +/- .023. (I'll report back when 1296 are finished in a few days as time permits)

This position is a double and a clear take. The market will be clearly lost if the 6 point is cleared.

Anyhow..lets look at some bot cubless evaluations on their highest settings (except GNU where I will look at different plies)

SW 4 .549 WOW..close to the result like it is supposed to be.

SW 3 .773 WOW..it incorrectly thinks this is a BIG pass.

JF .760 and also passing incorrectly and underrating this fine backgame.

GNU is acting funny as there's a bug in the cubeless equity presentation(it doesn't add in G and BGs) so I'll just calculate it. 0 ply .573 , 1 ply .819 . 2 ply .636, 3 ply .825 , 4 ply .607.

Apparently GNU 4 ply is seeing enough hitting variations but why is 0 ply right on and 1 and 3 ply way off ? Anyhow, from playing around with GNU I will state that I think it could use some more training in backgame aspects. GNU certainly has the potential to become the world's premier BG bot.

Note that SW 4 1ply thinks this is .504 cubeless which is overvalueing the backgame which I am seeing, at times, IMHO.



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