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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Annotations in gnubg

From: Øystein O Johansen
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Annotations in gnubg
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 11:53:01 +0200

Hello again Magnar!
Nice to hear from at this channel as well. Did you get any moose?

> I have used gnubg to analyse a match I played recently and would
> like to add annotations, but the program does not accept the
> Scandinavian letters (æ,ø and å). When I try to enter these, the
> cursor sort of jumps back in front of the letter. Moreover, in the
> export file, the æ's and ø's and å's are replaced with weird signs.

I've noticed this bug when I commented the Woolsey-Johansen match
last year. Then I tried to fix it, but my fix didn't work out as
expected, so the fix was later removed.

<technical speaking>
This problem comes from the UTF-8/iso-8859-1 issue. If a user types
in something in a field, for example the comment field in the
annotation window, the text will be stored as UTF-8. As the Windows
version of GTK+1.3 and all versions GTK+2.0, the widgets only take
characters of UTF-8. On the other hand, the sgf file format is
defined as iso8859-1. Can we find some way to convert UTF-8 to
iso-8859-1 before saving the sgf file, and then a way to convert
back when opening a file? Someone must have had this problem before.
</technical speaking>

> Any chance this could be fixed?

The chance is 100%, the question is when....

> Magnar Naustdalslid


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