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[Bug-gnubg] Improvements for UI

From: hbgg
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Improvements for UI
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 14:09:30 +0200 (MEST)

Sorry, I forgot the subject in my original post.


Hi all,

The new arrangement of the game data below the board is a bit better now.
But especially with the added information of points-away and the relative
count one still has to look twice.

At least the data should be aligned well. Personally, and hopefully
I would prefer something like this:

      Player  | Pips | Score       | Crawfordgame: []  |
      -----------------------------|                   |
      black   |  83  | 1   6-away  | Matchlength:   7  |
      white   | 102  | 4   3-away  | Pip diff:    -19  |  [or +19 ?]

Btw, right now if a player wins more points than he needs the result shows
e.g. 0-away or -1-away. This is ugly. Could you add an if-statement and
the text to 'won'?

Additionally, if a complete match is present the final match score could
added. I use GNUbg for analysing my FIBS matches, and usually I don't
remember the exact outcome of a particular match.

      Player  | Pips | Score       | Final score  | Crawfordgame: []  |
      --------------------------------------------|                   |
      black   |  83  | 1   6-away  | 5   2-away   | Matchlength:   7  |
      white   | 102  | 4   3-away  | 8   won      | Pip diff:    -19  | 
+19 ?]

Finally, I have two more suggestions for the UI.

It's more intuitive to accept an offered double by clicking on the offered
cube (and on a different button for reject) (like e.g. in JavaFIBS). Maybe
should be a double click in order to avoid accidental acceptations.

And another idea stolen from JavaFIBS: Could you add a feature that shows
graphically the possible destination points for a checker when the user is
starting to drag it. This is very helpful when one doesn't have too much

TIA and regards,


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