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[Bug-gnubg] File association of .sgf files and assertion failure

From: Holger
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] File association of .sgf files and assertion failure
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 14:06:33 +0200

Hi again,

The file association for .sgf doesn't work on Windows (95). When I double
click on a match file the executable is not found.

The registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\GNUBackgammon\shell\open\command imho
should read <installdir>\gnubg.exe --datadir M:\Games\GNUbg\ "%1" instead
of "<installdir>\gnubg.exe --datadir M:\Games\GNUbg\" "%1".

However, this way GNUbg doesn't find its install folder and uses default
values. I tried to browse through the loaded game then (backwards from the
end) and got an assertion failure in eval.c line 7102 after only 2 moves.
Oops, the assertion failure also appeares when I start GNUbg first and load
the game normally via File->Open->Game or File->Open->Match or Session.
(This is probably the same like Scott Steiner reported in rgb.)

Also I just found out that even though %1 in the registry key is in
quotation marks, GNUbg cannot open a file if the path contains spaces using
file association.

Snapshot 021010 on Windows 95.

And another but really minor issue: File->Save->Weights defaults to
/usr/local/share/gnubg/gnubg.weights on Windows systems, too. ;-)


PS: It's the same game as in my last post. (annotation-bug.sgf)

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