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[Bug-gnubg] Problems with Export Outputs

From: Ned Cross
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Problems with Export Outputs
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 02:03:51 -0800


    GNUBG build: 021028
    OS: Win ME
    Bug: ?? Export anomalies?? Operator error??

    I'm having problems sharing the output from analysed GNU matches:

1)  html - using the GNU html output gives me a nice file that I can read on
my computer, but when I send it to another computer (ie - via email) the
board diagrams display the dreaded red "x's" instead of the backgammon
images.  I am pretty sure this used to work fine in a previous build.

2)  text - using the text output gives a nice file except the statistics at
the end of each game are not readable because the tabs are all garbled.  The
html version puts these in a nice table of columns and it looks like .txt is
trying to do the same, but it's not working.


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