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Re: [Bug-gnubg] gnubg.bd

From: Joseph Heled
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] gnubg.bd
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2002 06:16:05 +1300
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Joern Thyssen wrote:
Hi all,

I would very much like to do some changes to gnubg.bd. Of course, I'll
try to keep backwards compability.

Very shortly, gnubg will be able to read large one-sided databases
and large two-sided databases. To keep the interface general I would
like to split gnubg.bd into two separate files: one for the one-sided
database and one for the two-sided database. For example, gnubg will use
four databases:
    - gnubg_osa.bd  (small one-sided bearoff database read into memory)
    - gnubg_osb.bd  (huge one-sided bearoff database used from disk)
    - gnubg_tsa.bd  (small two-sided bearoff database read into memory)
    - gnubg_tsb.bd  (huge two-sided bearoff database used from disk)

Also, gnubg_osa.bd will be re-generated to include gammon probabilities
and gnubg_osb.bd will be re-generated to include cubeful equities for
money game.

An alternative to gnubg_osa.bd is to include it directly into the source
as Josephs does with fibs2html/sagnubg. This will increase the
executable size and memory footprint with up to 6 MB (can be decreased
to 2 MB if my compression scheme is used).

why increase? I don't distribute the source file just like gnubg don't distribute gnubg.bd. They are generated on the target machine. Both take space on the hard drive, one in binary form, one in source form, and both take space when the program is running. My approach was that the one sided database is not optional, i.e. you always want it, so there is no reason for an extra file.

And after stripping away the zero entries, the size is around 1.1M,

1> ls -l br1.o
-rw-r--r--   1 joseph   wheel     1126324 Aug 19 07:54 br1.o

One can play the same trick with gnubg_osb.bd but the two-sided database
is not as necesary as the one-sided which is used to calculate bg
probabilities for the race net (and it will be used for one-sided

Once my code is finished we will get:

- exact cubeful equities for money game (with the two-sided database)
- huge one-sided databases (I'm not sure this is an improvement as the
  race net is quite good)
- gnubg for windows will be distributed with gnubg_osa.bd and
  gnubg_tsa.bd, but programs will be included that can generate
  arbitary-size bearoff databases for gnubg, only limited by the user's
  patience and disk space.[*]

Does your plan includes gammon rates for bearoff positions, where one side has 15 checkers?


[*] Features of the new makebearoff programs:

- uses a cache instead of malloc'ing the entire bearoff database
   (this will of course slow down generation, but will make it possible
   to generate huge databases without owning 1 GB of memory)
  The cache can be improved a lot, for example, a better hash function
  on position IDs is needed.
- can use previosly generated databases. For example, the 12 pt
  databases has 37M positions, but the 17M is already in the 11 pt
database. - cubeful/cubeless two-sided bearoff databases with n chequers on m
  points (1<=m<=6)
- one-sided bearoff databases with bearoff and gammon distributions
  (either exact distributions or distributions approximated by normal
  distributions) for 15 chequers on m points (1<=m<=23), although the
  12-14 points seems to be the practical limit. Also, the exact
  distributions can be compressed in the file storing only non-zero

So far I've generated the 12 pt one-sided database (approximated with
normal dist). It's 300 MB and takes 15 hours to generate on my 1Ghz
With respect to one-sided bearoff databases, it might be possible to
generate some hybrids, e.g., less than 5 chequers on the outfield is 18M
positions. I'll investigate that.


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