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Re: [Bug-gnubg] gammon rate in bearoff situations

From: Øystein O Johansen
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] gammon rate in bearoff situations
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 10:03:32 +0100

> Compiling (Win32, link stage) gives this error:
> eval.o(.text+0x2ee3):eval.c: undefined reference to
> eval.o(.text+0x3002):eval.c: undefined reference to

You should add bearoffgammon.c and bearoffgammon.o to the Makefile

SOURCE = analysis.c bearoffgammon.c copying.c credits.c database.c dice.c \
      drawboard.c erf.c eval.c export.c external.c getopt.c getopt1.c \
      gdkgetrgb.c gnubg.c gtk-multiview.c gtkboard.c gtkcube.c \
      gtkchequer.c gtkexport.c gtkgame.c gtkprefs.c gtktheory.c guile.c \
      html.c i18n.c import.c kleinman.c latex.c matchequity.c matchid.c \
      play.c positionid.c postscript.c pub_eval.c record.c rollout.c \
      set.c sgf.c sgfl.c sgfp.c show.c sound.c strdup.c text.c

OBJS   = analysis.o bearoffgammon.o copying.o credits.o database.o dice.o \
      drawboard.o erf.o eval.o export.o external.o getopt.o getopt1.o \
      gdkgetrgb.o gnubg.o gtk-multiview.o gtkboard.o gtkcube.o \
      gtkchequer.o gtkexport.o gtkgame.o gtkprefs.o gtktheory.o guile.o \
      html.o i18n.o import.o kleinman.o latex.o matchequity.o matchid.o \
      play.o positionid.o postscript.o pub_eval.o record.o rollout.o \
      set.o sgf.o sgfl.o sgfp.o show.o sound.o strdup.o text.o

(It's a special secret makefile for windows, for those who didn't know.)


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