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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Still compile problems on Windows

From: Nardy Pillards
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Still compile problems on Windows
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 16:36:46 +0100

> Do I really need the entire distribution/package?
> I have:
> gcc-2.95.2-msvcrt.exe
> gdbm-1_8_0-bin.zip
> gdbm-1_8_0-lib.zip
> gettext-dev-0.10.40-20020904.zip
> glib-2.0.6-20020802.zip
> glib-dev-2.0.6-20020802.zip
> gtk+-1.3.0-20020922.zip
> gtk+-dev-1.3.0-20020912.zip
> libiconv-1.7-w32.bin.zip
> libintl-0.10.40-tml-20020904.zip
> libxml2-2_4_12-1-lib.zip
> libxml2-2_4_12-bin.zip
> Which versions of iconv and xml2 do you use?
I'll send the packages I've installed later.
But... you don't have MinGW?

> I have both tried to put everything in one directory (J:\GNU\gcc) and to
> put every library into a separate directory, of course with adding the
> respective include and lib folders to Makefile. I also did copy iconv.dll
> to libiconv.a so the linker does find it. But to no avail.
> I still get these errors:

> >Using the (adapted) Makefile for Win32, no need to adapt any of the files
> >coming from CVS or Snapshot.
> How does sound.c compile if you don't add #include "mmsystem.h" ? Could
> send me your Makefile in case it differs much from the version on
> site?

Yes, I will.

> >But I can't find how to get gtk-config (anyone knows the 'how to' for
> >Win32?)
> >well... I did have it once, but can't 'regenerate' it.
> I have seen the binary package of pkg-config on this site:
> GTK+ and GIMP for Windows:

ty. but it is GTK_CONFIG I'm looking for.
(and still looking... not much time this weekend, but will start over on
> Holger

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