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[Bug-gnubg] A few GUI questions

From: Michaeldepreli
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] A few GUI questions
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 04:06:47 EST

A few GUI enhancement questions.

Call me lazy, but is there a quick way i.e somewhere to click when editing a position,
that will change the player on roll? If there isn't maybe you could place a clickable arrow in
the area opposite where borne off checkers are placed that will switch the player on roll.
Colour coded to the checkers would be nice :-)
Secondly: would it be possible to add three toolbar buttons for Evaluate, Hint and Set Dice.
Thirdly: JellyFish had a nice system where if you right clicked on a point, if there was only one legal move for the dice shown it would make that move.
Open 65, right click on the 13 point.
Opponent 31 makes the 5 point
You 44 right click on 5 point, plays 13/5(2)


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