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[Bug-gnubg] bearoff databases

From: Joern Thyssen
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] bearoff databases
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 10:14:46 +0000
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Hi all,

I'm just a about to check in in my code for bearoff databases:

* the one-sided 6pt database is now compiled into gnubg, so we know it's
  always there
* the two-sided 6 chequer database does now include cubeful equities as
  well. The cubeful equities are not used yet, but will be: for money
  games this will give perfect cubeful equities in evaluations and they can be
  used for truncation of cubeful money rollouts as well.

I've tried to make a general bearoff database API, so it should be
possible to plug in Sconyers' or other's bearoff db's.

Anyway, this means that gnubg.bd will be replaced with a new file
gnubg_ts0.bd that only contains a two-sided bearoff database.

gnubg will read

* gnubg_ts0.bd into memory
* gnubg_ts.bd and gnubg_os.bd will be used from disk

If anyone can suggest better names for the bearoff databases, please let
me know.

Gary, can you upload <URL:http://jth.freeshell.org/gnubg_ts0.bd.gz> to
alpha.gnu.org, please?

I hope this doesn't break to much... 


Joern Thyssen, PhD
Vendsysselgade 3, 3., DK-9000 Aalborg, Denmark
+45 9813 2791 (private) / +45 2818 0183 (mobile) / +45 9633 7036 (work)
Note: new mobile number!

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