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[Bug-gnubg] Severe side effects of makebearoff

From: Holger
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Severe side effects of makebearoff
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 22:56:15 +0100


There is a severe problem with makebearoff under Windows that probably
causes wrong creations of the bearoff database.

When started it returns after about a second (depending on the computer
speed) and unblocks the shell. In case it's used without a pipe temp.db is
then only a few 10k small.
But the program is still running happily in the background!
I stumbled over this when I tried to delete the temp file. I could not,
because of access permissions. Under Win95! So much for M$ error messages.
Well, the file was still open and in use.
I confirmed that makebearoff was still running with WinTop.

This makes an automatic generation of br1.c impossible, because
makebearoff1 just takes part of the database as input since makebearoff is
still not done. (Maybe you're lucky if you're on a fast machine.)

When "makebearoff -o 6 -s 7999999 > temp.bd" finished, temp.db has a size
of 1.481.407 bytes. makebearoff1 generates from this br1.c that with UNIX
line endings has a size of 9.630.656, with DOS line endings 9.815.896
bytes, and 185.241 lines. Btw, it's generated with UNIX line endings, which
shouldn't be a problem, though.
MD5 checksums:
4d0442566a9df8762816a1ab58fa3ab9  temp.bd
eebe703a816c183bd22136bbe811058b  br1.c

And makebearoff1 also runs in the background as I have seen right now. (A
bit harder to realize because it doesn't take as much time.)

Now onto a wild guess and asking a favor:
A while ago I reported that in GNUbg one could browse the match during a
running analysis. However, only with the keyboard.
So it might be that this threading somewhere deep inside GTK/GDK (?) or
what is responsible for this is causing the described effect above.
But since I like this "feature" in GNUbg very much, I'd like to ask that
you look for a solution that doesn't disable the behaviour of GNUbg.
Please, make it a makebearoff/1-only solution. (Making a separate function



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