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Re: [Bug-gnubg] new bearoff databases

From: Joern Thyssen
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] new bearoff databases
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 23:20:34 +0000
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On Fri, Nov 29, 2002 at 11:12:49AM -0800, Ned Cross wrote
> I just installed Nardy's 021129 build, using the new bearoff db,running 
> Windows ME.
> Something's not right, as shown by this example where GNU doubles as a huge 
> underdog. The equities are nowhere close to the valuse provided by GNUBG 
> build 021119, and the output doesn't read the file correctly, thinking the 
> cube was passed, when it was taken.  I've attached the .sgf and the text 
> output from build 021119 for comparison.
> (my GNUBG installs into directory c:\program files\backgammon\gnubg, and 
> that's where I extracted the gnubg_ts0.bd file).

Have you downloaded the newest gnubg_ts0.bd file from Nardy's web side?


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