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[Bug-gnubg] Editing positions

From: Ian Shaw
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Editing positions
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 10:39:16 +0100

I find the following two features a bit frustrating:

When I start editing a position and change the score to 1-away, e.g. 6 in a 7 
point match. The Crawford check box remains inaccessible. If I come out of edit 
mode I can toggle it, and if I re-enter edit mode I can still toggle it.
>From an ease-of-use point of view, I would expect to be able to toggle the 
>Crawford setting any time I'm in edit mode. (Perhaps the final thing to do 
>would be to automatically disable Crawford if the user exits edit mode at an 
>inappropriate score.)

Secondly, I often struggle to put chequers on the bar. Its hard to know exactly 
where to click, and to remember whether its the top half or bottom half of the 
board. (Snowie HTML and GammOnLine formats both place the opponents chequers on 
your side of the bar, for example). Could the whole bar area be active, and 
just respond to whether it is a left or right click?


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