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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Multiprocessing and GDK

From: Olivier Baur
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Multiprocessing and GDK
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 17:37:48 +0200

Le vendredi, 6 juin 2003, à 10:57 Europe/Paris, Joern Thyssen a écrit :

Did you manage to commit your changes?

I've just commited my changes.

Things done:
* Fixed problems which prevented from compiling with PROCESSING_UNITS defined to 0.
* Added some GDK/GTK thread support.
* Redesigned RPU messaging mechanism -- now struct alignment safe and big/little-endian safe (but will need some testing)
* Started implementing analysis distributed processing.
* Added support for hostnames:port syntax when creating remote processing units, eg "myhost.gnu.org:1000"

I actually still have problems with GTK.

* Since I've added g_thread_init() and gtk_thread_enter()/gtk_thread_leave() around the main gtk_main() call, I don't get any crashes or deadlocks anymore; * However, during a rollout, the progress window pops up, the rollout info are updated for each new played rollout game, BUT the controls (buttons, frames, progress bar, etc) are not drawn, and I can't click the "Stop" button (which I can't see); when the full rollout is completed, the controls are eventually drawn to the screen and the buttons are active again; * I know the fnAction callback is called from the threads that compute rollouts, but they don't seem to see any pending events (there should be "draw" or "update" events pending since the progress window has been created) and so gtk_main_iteration() never gets called; * I've been able to get around this by not calling fnAction from the rollout threads anymore, but from the main thread (the one that dispatches tasks and collects results); it works, but with a big lag (for example, hovering the mouse over a button will highlight it only when fnAction gets called, not in "real time" as with the non-threaded version); --> Can anyone explain me why we don't get any lag without threads, when it looks to me that even in the standard, one-thread version, the fnAction callback gets called only when gnubg yields time to GTK through a gtk_main_iteration() call? I'm sure there's something I've missed...

-- Olivier

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