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Re: FW: [Bug-gnubg] Tutorial: a short history

From: Achim
Subject: Re: FW: [Bug-gnubg] Tutorial: a short history
Date: 07 Jul 2003 05:40:12 +0200

Am Mon, 2003-07-07 um 04.39 schrieb Joseph Heled:

> Perhaps now is the time to re-design the UI - only we programmers are 
> not the ones to do it right. Also, writing in low level "C" code for GTK 
> is a real burden. I am not sure if the right (free) tools exist, but 
> something on top of GTK would be a huge win IMPO.

Just got up, read your mail and took a look at the gtk wepage. There is
a builder (ide) for gtk(2) called glade. Else I only found a small
tutorial on gtk2.



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