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Re: [Bug-gnubg] GTK themes for GNUBG

From: Øystein Johansen
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] GTK themes for GNUBG
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 15:45:14 +0200
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Albert Silver wrote:

I went and read the Readme. I'm not sure I understood correctly, but
here is a key excerpt from it:

"Seems as we have to wait, until the PHP-GTK supports GTK2.
BUT: The libpixmap is just for loading images OTHER THAN XPM.
-> You can replace the pictures in the themes with *.xpm images (use
GIMP to convert the pictures).
Remember the pixmap path /share/gtk/themes/ - you should rename the xpm
files to a leading "{THEME_NAME}_*.xpm
The "brushed" themes shows that pictures are possible."
It's a bit of a misunderstanding, or badly written by Christian. The pixmap engine does more than just read pictures in other formats. It can rescale and, flip and mirror images. All these because the theme engine is based on the library libpixbuf (or something..) This library make makes nice images under early versions of GNOME (pre 2.0). This library in "impossible" to to port to Win32. Since it mixes Xlib and many other non Windows standard X libraries. And the code is a mess! It was rewritten for GNOME 2.0 and left out development, but it's still in use for the pixmap engine for GTK 1.2.

Yes, you can have images as the background of a GTK button or a surface of GNU Backgammon, just try the gnubg.gtkrc file in gnubg/themes/brushed (Just copy the file to c:\Program Files\gnubg and restart.), but this won't use the pixmap theme engine. If you want a theme which looks like Aqua, you can probaly convert some of the png files to xpm files, and hack you gnubg.gtkrc file. That would be great, but remember you can't rescale the images run time, and you can't flip them. (Which is what's done for the scrollbars for instance).

What exactly does the author mean by it working if the pictures are
converted to .xpm format? I am unfamiliar with the format, but it sounds
as if the PixMap issue is only a temporary one if one converts the
pictures to this format, no? Or did I misunderstand what he wrote?
xpm is a very simple graphic format, which is used a lot in programming. It's described in ASCII characters. Look at the source code of gnubg, and you will find that the buttons in the toolbar is written in xpm format.


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