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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Multiprocessing

From: Olivier Baur
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Multiprocessing
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 16:11:16 +0200

Le mardi, 8 juil 2003, à 15:21 Europe/Paris, Nardy Pillards a écrit :
Compiling branch-multi, changes made:

makefile, added:
procunits, threadglobals

configure, added:
#define HAVE_SOCKETS 1

.c sources, .h headers:
inserted #if WIN32 with <winsocket.h> in stead of the 'BSD-like' socket.h

Compiling dice.c, error:
In file included from dice.c:80:
gtkgame.h:80: parse error before numeric constant
gtkgame.h:80: conflicting types for `CreateDialogParamA'
C:/MINGW/include/winuser.h:2756: previous declaration of
C:\MINGW\BIN\MINGW3~4.EXE: *** [dice.o] Error 1

possible reason:
windows.h calls winuser.h
winuser.h uses same CreateDialog definition as GTK does???

Some ideas:
The problem does seem to come from incompatible definitions of CreateDialog, in both gtkgame.h and windows.h.

How come it did compile before adding multiprocessing support, ie before adding pthreads and sockets? Something must have changed in the way you're compiling/linking? Was windows.h included in previous compiles of dice.c? Where does windows.h get included from? winsocket.h? Maybe you can include gtkgame.h before winsocket.h/windows.h and tweak windows.h so it doesn't declare CreateDialog() if _GTKGAME_H_ is already defined? Or maybe we should rename gnubg's CreateDialog() to something like GTK_CreateDialog()?

Does the problem appear only in dice.c? Or does it also show up in other .c files?

Maybe I should try to merge the current gnubg version into the multi branch...?

-- Olivier

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