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[Bug-gnubg] GTK and Glade

From: Albert Silver
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] GTK and Glade
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 15:51:10 -0300


        I was looking into the GUI builder for GTK known as Glade, and
naturally (for me) was looking for a Windows version of it. I found
several and was wondering whether anyone had had a look into them. The
first and foremost page in Win32 compilations is at:


After reading about the different files, I opted for the more complete
GTK4Win but had trouble compiling it as per the instructions. It said
run Jam.exe in the Editor subdirectory, but there was no Jam.exe in it.
I found one in another directory, copied it to the Editor directory, and
when running it, it claimed errors in finding main.o, interface.o etc.
So no luck. I e-mailed for support in any case.

        I then began looking around and ran into GtkAda. Quite recently,
in the past week, they released a new version and it supports Glade-2. I
had no troubles compiling it as per the instructions, and its build of
Glade-2 runs fine, creating code in Ada, C, and C++. My question is how
complete this Glade is, and what differences, if any, there are between
it and other builds/platform versions (if anyone knows). It supports
GTK+ 2.x BTW.


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