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[Bug-gnubg] Possibly a Bug Report

From: Jim Curtis
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Possibly a Bug Report
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 14:14:10 -0700

    Thanks for writing an awesome program.  It is wonderful.  I may have discovered a few glitchs.  Please advise me if my observations are false. 
I am running Gnu Backgammon version 0.14-devel 11.1164 030713 (build Jul 13 2003) on an Abit BH-6 Motherboard, a Celeron 400mh, 256 SD Ram, Voodoo 3.0 Video card and running Windows XP Pro 5.1 build 2600 with Service Pack-1. 
1.  Under "Settings," when I set the Chequer play at "Supremo" level in Analysis, Evaluation, and Players and then set the Cube decisions at "Supremo" the Cube decisions for Analysis, Evaluation, and Players reverts to "World Class" regardless of whether I click Save Settings after closing with OK or if I simply click OK for each of the 3 settings and reopen them immediately.  After telling a friend about the program he downloaded the program and was able to duplicate the situation I describe above.
2.  When I check Game Statistics immediately after finishing a game where I have "doubled" and "taken," these stats for me are present correctly but for gnubg there are only zeroes present.  Am I reading the results incorrectly.
3.  Also in regard to Game Statistics; after a game the entire program closes occasionally when I select Game Statistics immediately following the conclusion of the game, i.e. before I choose Analyze game or any other function.  This happens only intermittently and Windows closes Windows Explorer as well as other programs occasionally as well.
4.  In all of the above cases the games have NOT been added to Player Records. All have been during "Match: unlimited" conditions.
 Again, thanks for a wonderful program. 
Jim Curtis
email: address@hidden

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