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Re: [Bug-gnubg] HTML Export

From: Joern Thyssen
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] HTML Export
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 19:50:02 +0000
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On Sun, Jul 20, 2003 at 10:39:01AM +1200, Joseph Heled wrote
> I just got the 2003 Final from Albert and exported it to HTML. This is 
> probably the first time I use this feature, since I typically use my own 
> fibs2html.
> We have been talking recently about the need to improve GNUbg look&feel, 
> so I would like to start a discussion with my observations.
> (Disclaimer: some might say that as the author of fibs2html I have no 
> right to 'complain' about such stuff. Also, my artistic judgment is 
> limited to criticizing, not to making constructive suggestions. I am 
> hoping you guys can come up with some answers.)
> 1. Textish header
>   Jon Royset (0 pts) vs. Moshe Tissona (1 pts) (Match to 25)
> (I know I use the same in fibs2html)
>  Can we come up with a better formatting. Those () are an eyesore.

THis was discussed by Michael Depreli and Ian Shaw a while ago. I can't
remember the conclusion?!

> 2. match Information
>  Why include empty values (rating 0, Comments n/a)? why not eliminate them?
> Match Information
> Jon Royset's rating: 0 (Exp 0)
> Moshe Tissona's rating: 0 (Exp 0)
> Date: July 13, 2003
> Event: World Championship 2003
> Round: Final
> Place: Monte Carlo
> Annotator: GNU 0.14
> Comments: n/a

No particular reason.

> 3. Size of board - Handled in export setting (nice work Joern)

The PNG stuff is actually Gary's work.

> 4. output accuracy (# digits)
>    recently solved with 'set output digits 3'
> 5. Probability formats
>  Why not 50.3% or (50.3) instead of 0.503. At least have a user option?

set output winpc on
set output matchpc on

(also available from Settings->Options)

> 6. Points numbers
>   Points numbers in text above board are ungainly. Both fibs2html and 
> Snowie embed those in the board frame. The are so in the GNUbg 
> interface, why are they not exported with the images???

I don't know.

> 7. Position ID
>  The Position below the board looks awful.
>  (Position ID: 4HPwATDgc/ABMA Match ID: cAgqAwAACAAA)
>  I did not see an option to disable them if I wanted to (perhaps I 
> missed it?). Can we find a better placement/format

An option to suppress the Ids where also suggested by Michael Depreli.
At that time I dismissed it because I find it immensly useful to have
them around instead of setting the position up myself, and I was afraid
that if we make an option to suppress them most people would do so...

> 8. The '*' in '*Moshe Tissona moves 8/4 6/4'
>   looks bad. In fibs2html, I use HTML list item
> '<ul><li> </li></ul>' to get the nice builtin bullet. I am sure there 
> are other options
> 9. Pipcounts:
>   Perhaps if they are nearer the board (after we eliminate the point 
> numbers) it will look better.

What about switching the pip count and ids?

> 10. Spaces
> (See the attachment. You probably have to save it to GNUbg directory and 
> reload it, since images are assumed to be in html-images. BTW, is there 
> a WWW location for the images if we want to exchange those more 
> conveniently?)

Perhaps we can put them on www.gnubg.org, e.g., something like




if we want several sizes to be available.

> Why all the spaces in Move number, ply, and at the end of move?
> (Perhaps the one at the end of move is due to fixed length, which was 
> correct only for 4 digits, and now incorrect since I changed it to 3?)

No, but close.

gnubg uses the same set of formatting routines for text, html, and gtk.
For text we need fixed size width, i.e., %+7.3f as opposed to %.3f,
otherwise the columns may not align. Does the extra leading spaces cause
any problem?

Or am I misunderstanding something? I can't see any spaces in the move
number column except the &nbsp; which is a html trick needed for older

> Why the '*' at all. Isn't the color enough?

For people with 20-20 vision perhaps...

> 11. Cube decision
> In fibs2html (see second attachment), I boldface (strong) the numbers 
> and color the actual cube decision, so they stand out and (IMPO) are 
> easier to see.

It's easy to modify the cube decision layout, so if this is a general
wish it can be done. I can also modify the layout to match fibs2html's
more if the general consensus is that it's easier to read.

> 12 Can't move
> Shows this:
> #     Ply     Move    MWC
>       Cannot move     
> In fibs2html, I show the equities after the (empty) move, just like for 
> normal moves. I assume this is an omission/bug in GNUbg. If not, the 
> above should be eliminated, as it adds nothing.

The equity after the move is not calculated. There is no storage
allocated for it in the move struct. This is basically the same reason
why we're not able to save stand-alone rollouts.

> 13. Colors
> Can I control some of them? For example, it is hard to see the Summary 
> in Black on gray on my display.

If this is a general thing I can change then colors.

In any case you can play around with the CSS stylesheet at the top of
the file. You need to use the CSS Style sheet option "In <head>" for
this to work.

I never got around implemening the "external file" CSS option, which
would be much better since you only have to modify the .css file instead
of all the html files (unless you're a sed(1) wizard (or similar)).

> 14. Rollout
> See third attachment. Quite messy.

What's the mess?

> 15. Zeros in summary
> Why not eliminate the part in parenthesis in
> ' 0 (-0.000 ( -0.000%))'

No particular reason. 


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