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Re: [Bug-gnubg] HTML Export

From: Joseph Heled
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] HTML Export
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 09:44:58 +1200
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So basically, all my concern RE the tables layouts (colors, spaces) can be met by changing the CSS styelsheet. I think this is wonderful, only (as you pointed out) there is no external stylesheet, and I don't think you can set those in the GUI, or am I wrong?


Joern Thyssen wrote:
On Mon, Jul 21, 2003 at 08:18:33PM +0000, Joern Thyssen wrote

Are you looking at the text of the html? the HTML shows 4-5 spaces between the move and MWC.

The html:

<tr class="movethemove">
<td class="movenumber">*</td>
<td class="movenumber">1</td>
<td class="moveply">2</td>
<td class="movemove">8/4 6/4</td>
<td> 53.67%</td>

I can't see any spaces except the leading space in the MWC.

Sorry, I probably misunderstood you: you mean spaces in the rendered
output by the browser?

I added the spaces deliberately so it's

  *   1   0   24/23* 13/10                             +0.032
             0.506 0.146 0.007 - 0.494 0.137 0.005

instead of

* 1 0 24/23* 13/10                 +0.032
      0.506 0.146 0.007 - 0.494 0.137 0.005

Personally I find it very confusing if the "1" and "0" are to close, and
I get even more confused if the +0.032 is just above the gwcs. It's hard
to see if it's one move with +0.032 or it's two moves with +0.032 and

You can control the space by fiddling with
.moveheader { background-color: #89d0e2; padding: 0.5em }
.movenumber { width: 2em; text-align: right }
.moveply { width: 5em; text-align: center }
.movemove { width: 20em; text-align: left }
.moveequity { width: 10em; text-align: left }
.movethemove { background-color: #ffffcc }

in the CSS stylesheet in the html. Try changing the 20em to 15em -- I
don't think it improves the output.


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