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RE: [Bug-gnubg] New Release number was: [Fwd: Mandrake 9.1 rpm]

From: Albert Silver
Subject: RE: [Bug-gnubg] New Release number was: [Fwd: Mandrake 9.1 rpm]
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 13:47:23 -0300

Here is what I put in the tutorial:

Aside from offering an analytical engine of the highest order, GNU's
interface provides a very impressive number of features for users, many
of which are not available in commercial programs. It's worth mentioning
that GNU Backgammon is also available for MacOS, Solaris, Linux, and
other operating systems. There are also programs using the GNU engine
running on Windows CE. 

- Import and export one's games and matches from other sources such as
FIBS, Gamesgrid (it imports comments as well), and TrueMoneyGames. 
- Analyze a game or entire match with a detailed report, including your
rating and even the equivalent Snowie error rate. 
- Keeps track of your results in the Player Record 
- Rollouts galore with checker play according to score and extensive
customizable options. 
- Setting up of positions. 
- Export to text documents (with diagrams) and PDF documents. 
- Export to HTML customizing the information exported and the graphics
- Copy board and analysis to the Windows clipboard for easy pasting
- Numerous ready-made board designs plus the option to make one's own. 
- Several skins available. 
- Bearoff databases (both two-sided and one-sided), and tools to make
ones own, however large (up to the 12-point, 13-point, etc.). 

Advanced players will also find a wealth of options to help in their
study of the game: 

- Choose between any of seven Match Equity Tables such as Woolsey's,
Trice and Jacobs, or even the Snowie table. You can also create your own
to use instead. 
- A new Temperature Map to visualize the dangers and jokers of a move as
well as the volatility of cube decisions. 
- Kleinman counts and Thorp counts. 
- Gammon Values and a powerful Market Value viewer showing the values of
take points, cash point, beavers, etc. including separate values for a
dead cube or live cube.

I'd also add Hypergammon (plus DB tools) and Nackgammon of course.


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> Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2003 1:34 PM
> To: Achim; address@hidden
> Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] New Release number was: [Fwd: Mandrake 9.1
> At 22:47 23.07.2003 +0200, Achim wrote:
> >We should really think about a new release number? I already have the
> >vision of an unbeatable gnubg with release 0.19 ...
> >
> >What about 0.5 (and a new feature freeze) and an ongoing devel
> >number?
> I don't think this is urgent. I'm fine with the low numbers, however,
> neither mind another decision. But any other number than 1.0 is
> and imho doesn't add any value.
> >Can anybody fill up the features I just have in mind?
> >
> >play backgammon
> matches
> money play
> >play hypergammon
> >save positions ...
> >import/export of ...
> >replay
> hint
> >tutor
> >analyse
> >rollout
> >annotations
> setting up of positions
> >database access (Sconyers)
> >met
> >race/bearoff formulars
> >temperatur map
> player records
> highly customisable
> Regards,
>          Holger
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