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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Translation

From: Achim
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Translation
Date: 27 Jul 2003 15:45:09 +0200

Am Son, 2003-07-27 um 15.30 schrieb Joern Thyssen:

> However, sometimes this gives almost ridiculous translations, and for
> that reason I usually prefer the original English version of programs. 

That's what I meant.

> One of the terms I found most difficult to translate was "Double, take"...

In german a word by word translation would be "Doppel/Annehmen", that's
ok. But take i.e. "running game" or "crashed" (net).

This would be "Rennspiel" and "Zusammengebrochen" and this isn't
colloquial german. In german translations of english backgammon books
(there are only a few) there is no straight line for the technical
terms. A very old german book really uses "Rennspiel" and "Doppler", the
other keep on using english terms, but explain them at the end of the
book in an index.



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