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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Rollout bugs (j.s.d. options)

From: Jim Segrave
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Rollout bugs (j.s.d. options)
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 08:49:57 +0200
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On Thu 31 Jul 2003 (00:36 -0400), Christopher D. Yep wrote:
> Windows version 0.14-devel 1.1227 030727 (build Jul 27 2003)
> Settings --> Rollouts --> General Settings
> Suppose I want to rollout 8/5 6/5 and 24/23 13/10 for an opening 3-1.
> Suppose I check both boxes under "stop rollouts of multiple moves based on 
> j.s.d."
> (BTW, can anyone explain the intended behavior when one but not both boxes 
> are checked?)

One box says to stop any rolling out any move whose j.s.d. makes it
not a candidate, but to continue the rollout for at least the best
move until all the trials are completed.

The other box says to stop the entire rollout as soon as a "best" move
has been found.

> Set minimum trials to 36 and "No of j.s.d.s from best move to .001"
> Then set-up the position, press CTRL-H to get a hint window, and select 8/5 
> 6/5 and 24/23 13/10 to rollout.  gnubg should then rollout each 36 
> times.  Actually gnubg rolls out each 37 times (bug #1).
> Bug #1: If I set minimum trials to N, the actual minimum trials is N+1.

Just to check - do you know when your copy of gnubg was built? I don't
get this error with the current version.

> Also, what is the intended behavior if I check the box under "Stop when 
> result is accurate" as well as both boxes under "stop rollouts of multiple 
> moves based on j.s.d."?  Does it stop the rollout when either condition is 
> satisfied?  Also, what is the minimum number of trials?  The minimum number 
> contained in "stop when result is accurate" or the minimum number contained 
> in "stop rollouts of multiple moves based on j.s.d."?

If either of the j.s.d. options is set, the "stop when result is
accurate" options are silently turned off for the rollout, so none of
these settings will take effect. I was going to change things so that
those options greyed out when the jsd options were active, but I am
seriously considering simply removing the "stop when result is
accurate", as it has some real problems for equities or win/lose
probabilities around 0 (not that it's inaccurate, just that the
settings make no sense).

> Bug #2: When either box in "stop rollouts of multiple moves based on 
> j.s.d." is checked, if I then select only one move to rollout from the Hint 
> window, gnubg will only do 1 trial.

Current version is a bit better, one of the two options works
correctly, the other does not. I'll fix this sometime today.

> Minor Bug #3: Even if I don't check any box in "Stop when result is 
> accurate" or "stop rollouts of multiple moves based on j.s.d.", when I 
> click "Ok" gnubg reports that "Rollouts can stop..." and "Rollouts may 
> stop..." when these conditions are met.  (However gnubg correctly ignores 
> these conditions in its rollouts, thus the above is just a "cosmetic" bug.)

As in bug 1, I saw earlier reports of this, but I can't reproduce this
on the current version (although I never conciously fixed it).

> Minor Bug #3a: If I set the Ratio (Std. dev./Value) criteria to X, gnubg 
> will report in the message window "less thanX for every value..."  Add a 
> space between "than" and X.

That's a bugette as well. I'll fix that too.

Thanks for the report
Jim Segrave           address@hidden

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