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RE: [Bug-gnubg] bug: Cosmetic bug, Resignation error, board size questio

From: Rob
Subject: RE: [Bug-gnubg] bug: Cosmetic bug, Resignation error, board size question
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 22:50:23 -0400


It looks as though in the position, the computer resigned a backgammon
because you already had 5 points out of 7, and the cube was on 2. Resigning
single, gammon or backgammon would have been irrelevant. It probably knew it
lost, saw its current position (with checkers in your inner board) and
called it a backgammon.

I said the same thing when I started using gnubg.


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Subject: [Bug-gnubg] bug: Cosmetic bug, Resignation error,board size

First, many thanks for all your work on gnubg!  I am fairly new at playing
bg and hope these observations are relevant.  I am running Windows XP.

1.  Cosmetic bug:  When the Tutor Mode window and the end of the game
summary (gnubg wins 1 point, etc. ) pop up I've noticed intermittently that
the far left "File" menu title will lose the letters Fil.  Moving the
windows from their initial pop-up position seems to stop this.

2.  I do not understand why gnubg would resign a backgammon in the following
position.  Please see attachment as I was unable to figure out how to paste
the positions in the text body with the correct pagination.  Any tips on
that would be appreciated as well!  Is this resignation a bug or is my
newness to the game showing?

3.  I've been reading the discussions re board size.  I am running 1024 X
768 on a 17" monitor and the board size is perfect.  While I understand the
value of having additional windows while full frame it would be nice to have
the option of having the board display at the size it does now.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and advice.

Jim Curtis

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