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[Bug-gnubg] python gnubg.match: what should be included?

From: Martin Janke
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] python gnubg.match: what should be included?
Date: 01 Oct 2003 22:08:49 +0200


I played a bit around with gnubg.match() and python. I think it's great,
as it gives the user a lot of additional possibilities to analyse
his/her matches. 

I'm aware that gnubg.match() is still work in progress.

Anyway, I wonder if the following could be included: 

- the match winner as part of 'match-info'

- the number of close cube decisions as part of ['stats'][]['cube']

- it would be nice if match['games'][0]['game'][]['analysis'] had
information about the equities for "double pass" (DT and ND are already

What about figures which could be derived from what is existing (like
error rate per move etc.): should they be part of gnubg.match as well,
or is it up to the user to calculate those?



Martin Janke <address@hidden>

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