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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Tutor/Analysis

From: Joern Thyssen
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Tutor/Analysis
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2003 17:50:19 +0000
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On Tue, Sep 30, 2003 at 12:59:08PM +0200, address@hidden wrote
> I normally play vs GNUbg with tutor on at the same level as analysis
> and evaluation (everything at Supremo). If I don't analyse player GNUbg,
> it takes a few seconds to analyse a 7pt match (10-60 secs on a 1.3GHz
> Centrino laptop, 512Mb, XP).
> I'm not sure about that, but this may be because most of the analysis
> has alredy been performed "by the Tutor" while playing and the results
> have been stored : since the analysis level is the same as the tutor
> level, only minor computations are left (luck, err rates, ratings etc).
> On the other hand, if I analyze player GNUbg too, it takes much much
> longer, even if GNUbg player has been playing at the same level as
> analysis. Why that ?! GNUbg has necessarily done all the analysis while
> playing ... isn't it stored somewhere ?!

No :-)

> Also, it would be nice to have the tutor starting his analysis as soon
> as the dice are rolled (by a human player) : this way it won't be
> inactive while the human player is thinking. Same thing for analysis
> of cube decisions (before rolling the dice).
> I don't know if this is too complicate to code (handling GUI events
> while performimng the analysis), but I think I would accept even a
> solution where I have to way for analysis to be over before being
> able to play : this will force the human player to spend a bit more
> time thinking about each move and as soon as the match is over, match
> stats are almost instantaneuosly available.
> A kind of "inline analysis" or "move-by-move analysis" option.
> Note that the option may be used even with tutor off : this way you
> would be able to save a match not yet over, but with all the (currently
> avalable) moves already analysed.

This can been suggested multiple times, and the answer is still that
"background" analysis is very complicated to implement, so odds are that
you'll *never* see this in gnubg.


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