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Re: Réf. : Re: [Bug-gnubg] Python in Win32 GUI build ?

From: Nardy Pillards
Subject: Re: Réf. : Re: [Bug-gnubg] Python in Win32 GUI build ?
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2003 11:37:34 +0200

On 9 Oct 2003 at 8:40, address@hidden wrote:

> >Nardy prefers not to add Python support to the GUI build.
> >
> >Building the no-gui with Python 2.2.3 shows a lot of warnings. That's
> >actually no problem, but Python 2.3 does not compile with the no-gui.
> I was trying to build GUI/GUI3D with Python (I was failing during link
> due to missing libpython, thx Nardy for help on this). However, copile
> of gnubgmodule.o is fine, beside some warnings (redefine). You can
> find them in the attachment : oldGUI and 3D/Panel have the same
> problem (ingnore the undefined references, my fault).

Yes, a lot of warnings.
Python.h and config.h have some #DEFs in commun.

If Python.h would have: #IFDEFs, that wouldn't happen.


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