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[Bug-gnubg] i18n faq

From: Achim Mueller
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] i18n faq
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 16:17:01 +0100
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A first attempt ...

1. How do I start?

Get the sources via cvs or a snapshot at

In the directory "po/" there is a file "gnubg.pot". Copy
this file to [your_language].po, i.e de.po for the german

Open the file LINGUAS and add your language. Or better
change "../configure.in"  (add [your_language] to ALL_LINGUAS).

Do a

#: gmake update-gmo
#: gmake update-po

Now everything is prepared.

2. How do I add translations?

Depending on your operating system and your preferences
there are several possibilities to edit [your_language].po

Using Linux with KDE the easiest way is starting "kbabel".
If you work with the vi or xemacs, open the .po file.

You'll find entries like this one:

#: analysis.c:48
msgid "Awful!"
msgstr ""

The first line describes, where the item can be found in
the source code. The second line shows the english original.
In the third line you put your translation between the
quotation marks.

3. How do I update GNU Backgammon with my translation?

If you have the complete source code of GNU Backgammon
on your pc, a recompiling is all you need. Before starting
gnubg change your $LANG to you language, i.e.

#: export LANG=de_DE (if you use the bash)
#: setenv LANG de_DE (for C-Shell or Kornshell)

and check, whether your work was successfull.

Either update the cvs tree (if you have access to do so) or
send the file to Achim Mueller <address@hidden> to publish
your changes.

4. How do I keep track on new items?

From time to time (i.e. when there are new features) the
file gnubg.pot will change or grow getting new items. The
only thing you have to do is doing a

#: gmake update-po

again. Then your *.po file will be adjusted.

5. How do I deal with backgammon terms?

Well, your job. Usually, if there is no good technical term
for it in your language, keep the original term.

6. After adjusting I get messages about "fuzzy entries".

This means that a former translated entry by you doesn't
fit anymore. Search for "fuzzy" in your *.po file and change
the entry.

If you use kbabel (or a similar tool) it's more comfortable
finding questionable entries.

7. What about variables and non printable characters?

Sometimes you'll find entries like "\n" (new line) or
"%d" and "%s". Keep all of these entries (fitting to
your translation) in your msgstr.

8. Is it possible to work on the translation for the
   windows build?

Yes, it is. Send an e-mail to Nardy Pillards
<address@hidden>. The main work will be the same as 
described above, but he will give you additional information.



achim mueller, anne-frank-str. 25, D-48431 rheine
+49 (0)5971 83767, +49 (0)163 8458340
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