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Re: [Bug-gnubg] New book by Paul Magriel (?)

From: Achim Mueller
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] New book by Paul Magriel (?)
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 23:01:14 +0100
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* Øystein Johansen wrote on 11 Nov 2003:

> Hi all!
> She also told me that Paul Magriel doesn't have a permanent address 
> these days, so all communication must go through her at the moment. Paul 
> is a unexperienced computer user and he therfore needs some assistance. 
> I guess Hanna can learn the basics from the Alberts tutorial [1] and 
> Mortens Danish "GNU Backgammon for dummies" [2].

Perhaps a good time to finally organize the main documentation. ;-)

> Also, she asked for computer power to perform rollous, and I guess we're 
> able to help them with that. Hold your computers ready. (Ian? Are you 
> ready?)

I'm not up2date about smp support in gnubg. We get a few new servers
(~15) to play with at work (not that big, but at least compaq dl350 with
2 cpus). Perhaps I can "sell" some open source support ...

> I also mentioned the PDF, PostScript and LaTeX exports in GNU 
> Backgammon. We all know that these features isn't fully completed yet, 
> and that publishing a book from these formats are not recommended yet, 
> but if we can do some development on these things the next weeks or 
> mounts, (based on input from Paul, Kit, Bill and other authors), I guess 
> we can make a system that's capable of producing real professional books 
> and documents. She said that she'll mention this features to the authors.

I just made a few tests with latex output, this look really nice and
as far as I can see there is no need to change things (at least not
for someone who is familiar with LaTeX.

> Also a set of 5000 money games was set up between GNU Backgammon 0.13 
> and JellyFish. The results was that GNU Backgammon 0.13 won 0.12pts pr. 
> game against JellyFish. (Was luck ever calculated and evaluated for this 
> set?) Search in rec.games.backgammon for the discussion and results [6].
> Albert Silver have also run a series of 7-point matches agains Snowie4. 
> (That was before the latest 0.14 net). Check this thread [7] in the 
> mailing list archive. Jørn did a luck analysis of Alberts matches and 
> concludes in this posting [8].

Question: Is it possible to publish these kind of tests at our



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