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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Promoting gnubg

From: Øystein Johansen
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Promoting gnubg
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 21:04:35 +0100
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Nardy Pillards wrote:
On 12 Nov 2003 at 13:14, Jim Segrave wrote:

On Wed 12 Nov 2003 (11:14 +0100), Achim Mueller wrote:

* Christopher D. Yep wrote on 11 Nov 2003:

There are probably a substantial number of backgammon players who
have never heard of gnubg or who are intimidated of
downloading/installing files over the Internet.  Has anyone
thought of producing gnubg CDs (a full installation + manual) to
give (actually sell at $1-2 each, i.e. cost only, no profit) to
backgammon distributors around the world (e.g. Gammon Press, Carol
Joy Cole, Backgammon Shop, etc.)?  Would this be useful?

We already talked about this at Nordic Open this year. Ken Arnold
was distributing gnubg on ca. 7000 Gamesgrid CDs.

If gnubg will be distributed on cd there are a few questions:

- What about the money, where do we open an account?
- Who will organize burning the cds, printing the cover, label, etc?
- What else do we put on the cd (i.e. bigger databases)? - Finally:
Will there be a demand on the cds in times of adsl?

Given the rate of changes being made (and, to be honest, bugfixes as
well), there's a lot to be said for not making large numbers of CDs.
Putting up an ISO of a CD, with the various versions for Windows, Unix
tarball, MAC-OS version, databases and installers might be nice, the
anyone who wants to download an ISO and put it on a CD can do so. For
those who might want to distribute gnubg, CD-burners are ubiquitous
these days and CDRs are so cheap that it doesn't make sense to produce
CDs in advance of actual demand (and it prevents ending up with a pile
of CDs with an annoying bug in the version or lacking some new nifty
If traffic is an issue, I can provide space on ftp.demon.nl for a copy
of the downloads, including room for a some ISOs - say 10Gb or so. I
can also arrange mirroring. So if there's an issue with traffic levels
from www.gnubg.org (or if Nardy has one for his skynet account, or
Oystein with his), then setting this up and putting links on the
various sites to ftp.demon.nl's copy might be a real savings.

Bandwidth isn't a problem here (ISP Skynet.be, don't know about gnubg.org),
but I am limited to 50 MB storage space.

I'm not sure about the bandwidth at gnubg.org either, but I think the space is limited to 250MB

The one and two sided bearoff databases (the bigger ones) would be of interest for the gnubg users.

I think we need the space for other things. 250MB isn't much!

And also the 'real' Hypergammon database (3 checkers).
Personally, I still can't create it myself, so I would be interested for sure ;-)

I can snailmail you a CD. OK?

The most recent Win32 builds, the language packages, new boards.xml,... the fast altering files:
I could mirror them (or let them mirror) to another server.

I think we should try to keep things at gnubg.org. Specially files that's changed often. I'm also thinking of a system which get files from the CVS. It's no use of having files stored at home.online.no, skynet.be, gnubg.org and cvs. I'm thinking of a system that's getting the files from the cvs "on the fly" from the browser request.


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