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[Bug-gnubg] questions about saving rollout games

From: Misja Alma
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] questions about saving rollout games
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 19:30:03 +0100

Hi All,

Thanks for your tips about how to save rollout trials to .sgf files. I tried
this with a position where I didn't trust gnubg's rollout results. It
worked, I got a whole lot of .sgf files.
Now my plan was to import those into Snowie (3.2), so that I could check if
gnubg was playing correctly. Snowie does not accept .sgf files, so I export
every file from gnubg to a .txt file. But when I import this into Snowie, it
says that the file does not contain a position, game or match. Is there any
other way to do this?

My second problem is that there is there are many files to import into
Snowie. If I would have to export those to .txt format (or whatever else),
this would be a lot of work. Now I heard that gnubg can run from the command
line, and that it even works with Python commands. So I could perhaps build
a script that let gnubg convert all files in a directory! That would be
great. Could you please help me to find out which commands gnubg accepts? I
can't find them anywhere..

Finally I imported one of the rollout trials into gnubg itself to check how
it had been playing. But it seems that the file contains wrong information,
the moves don't make sense or are even illegal. Are you sure that the 'set
rollout log yes' command works correctly? I included one of the .sgf files
in the e-mail. The position which was rolled out was ObsdAAhi2zYQEA
(matchscore 0-0 to 7). gnubg evaluates this correctly as double-take, but a
rollout says double pass.

Misja Alma

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