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[bug-gnubg] Memory Usage

From: Ned Cross
Subject: [bug-gnubg] Memory Usage
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 13:15:29 -0800

Win 32 gnubg-old.exe on win2k  (not sure which build, I think it was
11/22/03, but I think the issue is still present in 12/03/2003).

When performing a rollout of a checker play, GNUBG’s memory usage according
to task manager keeps creeping up until the value gets quite large.  I was
doing a rollout of 3 candidates for a checker play, 1296 trials at 2 ply
(and 0-ply for later moves, I think).

GNUBG usually takes up some 70 MB of Ram according to task manager, but as
the rollout progressed this number climbed to in excess of 200 MB.

This has not really caused a problem yet on my machine since I have 512 MB
of memory, but it seems like it could, especially if someone has less
memory.  I’m guessing that if GNUBG started paging memory out to the
swapfile that would significantly slow down the rollout progress.

I don’t know if this is intentional, or if it is a result of my rollout or
eval cache settings.  I wanted to report the issue since I plan on starting
some significant GNUBG rollouts (I recently gained access to an Athlon XP
3200 and an Athlon XP 2400).

My questions:

1)     Is this behavior to be expected?
2)     Are there rollout settings to reduce RAM usage if it becomes a


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