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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Re: request.

From: Nardy Pillards
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Re: request.
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 14:09:26 +0100

On 16 Dec 2003 at 13:01, Achim Mueller wrote:

> * Antoine LEDUN wrote on 16 Dez 2003:

> > 3) Each time , I send an unjustified cube, the Gnu says an error is
> > occured and I'm obliged to quit the Programm.
> I'm not quite sure what you mean. To help us we need the name of
> your operating system, the gnubg-build you use and a more detailed
> error message (if possible).

I assume you are using Windows.
The latest build should fix you problem


(foreign language following)
Vous utilisez Windows?
Ce problème n'apparait plus avec les dernières exécutables.

 0.14-devel   Build 031203   (590 KB) (ChangeLog 1.1472)
Si vous voulez garder l'aspect de l'ancien gnubg.

 New:  3D Board and Panel build Build 031203 (690 KB) (Changelog
Si vous vouleze utilisez le nouvel air (3D)

Dans le cas dernier, il faut aussi prendre
For 3D Board,  you need  to download the  3D package  (346 KB 03 10
14) too!
(des fichiers nécessaires pour l'exécution 3D)
(end foreign language)

Louis Nardy Pillards

"It's better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness"

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