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[Bug-gnubg] X11 Shortcut fails, but not the CLI way

From: Ben Y . Serebin
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] X11 Shortcut fails, but not the CLI way
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2003 00:44:00 -0500


I double-checked this a few times before sending off this email and all 
commands were copy and pasted into this email, but I could have done or not 
done something silly. So, amuse me. This is for my girlfriend's laptop, so the 
X11 shortcut is critical for her usage of GNU Backgammon.

Running Mac OS 10.3 via X11, and GNU Backgammon works well, except the only way 
to launch it is to from the X11 terminal window to type in this command (cd 
/Applications/Games/"GNU Backgammon";./gnubg) everything works fine then. When 
I added the Applications shortcut in X11, this is what I did below. And, GNU 
Backgammon startups until it makes the sound on startup and the last action in 
the startup windows is Rendering Board, and then the startup window disappears 
and nothing else happens. Running top does not show gnubg running, so something 
must be causing it to crash. Any ideas?

X11 Shortcut
Name: GNU Backgammon
Command: cd /Applications/Games/"GNU Backgammon";./gnubg

X11 Terminal
cd /Applications/Games/"GNU Backgammon";./gnubg


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