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[Bug-gnubg] matchplay? moneyplay? bug? or mistake?

From: don
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] matchplay? moneyplay? bug? or mistake?
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 05:22:09 +0900

I'm new to this list so I may be asking something that has been addressed.
I have been playing with an interface for the external function and fibs .. most everything seems to be working well.
The bot seems to be playing well except that it doesn't ever automatically double when it is trailing post crawford.
I am looking into the possibility that something is reversed in the board because I adjusted for the board reversal by hand, by simply reversing the moves before sending thm back to fibs... but I'm pretty sure that it is not looking at the wrong player because it seems it always has an advantage and market losers when it doubles. So another possibility is that it is playing a money game when it should be playing a match and not using equity tables etc. at all.  Could I simply be not setting it up right? I assumed that it should get the matchscore information from the fibsboard and double accordingly. Do I need to set it up for matchplay? Or am I maybe dealing with the reversed board issue in the wrong way.

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