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[Bug-gnubg] Problem in latest commit of gnubg.c

From: Petr Kadlec
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Problem in latest commit of gnubg.c
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 22:49:11 +0200

Hi again!

In the latest commit of gnubg.c (version 1.548, 2004/04/11 17:26:08), Joern has removed line 7710 (containing #else, that separates "if( !getenv( "DISPLAY" ) ) fX = FALSE;" to only non-USE_GTK builds). I don't know if that #else should be there or not (in fact, it really seems quite logical to remove it), but I know that my Win32 build is unusable with the new code, because there is no DISPLAY environment variable on Win32, so that gnubg disables GUI, which in turn causes the application to disappear (it seems that the application terminates, which is not true, it just does not have any visible representation). Probably, the #else should be removed, but that test on DISPLAY should be #ifdef-ed out for WIN32.


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