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[Bug-gnubg] problem when starting GNU-BG

From: Peter Sochovsky
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] problem when starting GNU-BG
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 08:52:59 +0200

I reported a problem in this list (Subject: bug in latest build 040405)
about a week ago concerning an MS-DOS message appearing when opening GNU
with build 040405. I wrote that I will report of what happens when I will be
able to try a new build on Nardy's site.

Well there is a new build on Nardy's site now (040411) but unfortunately I
get the same problem again: When opening GNU after having installed the new
build I get the MS-DOS-window saying: 'Error playing sound file:
Windows error: Die angegebene Datei wurde nicht gefunden.' (...which means:
The file in question was not found.)
When I try to close this window then GNU-BG closes down also!

But surprisingly when opening GNU I can hear the fanfare-sound while the
error-message is appearing!

What is also interesting (imo) is the following: When opening GNU there
first appears a Window with the GNU-animal on it (with the blue menu line on
the top saying: Starting GNU-backgammon...), and at the bottom of this
window (=on the grey area) I can recently see the following text: 'Doing
nothing in particular'
Strange, isnt it?!?
But this window appears generally only for some moments and then the
backgammon board pops up.

Ignoring the error message window (by not closing it) I am able to work with
GNU and I also can hear other sounds without error-messages coming up. So
fact is that I only
become aware of such error-messages when I open the software.

Maybe someone can help with this annoying problem


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