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Re: [Bug-gnubg] 3d board and Linux

From: Fabio Spelta
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] 3d board and Linux
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 09:55:21 +0200
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> configure sets USE_BOARD3D if it finds the necessary
> libraries:
> * GtkGlExt
> * FtGl
> * freetype 

Incorrect :): it sets USE_BOARD3D if it just finds freetype 
and GtkGlExt.
If FtGl is missing, the variable is set anyway but an error 
is raised in building (during the "make" process).
I think this is a little bug :-)

Anyway: compiling FtGl was quite hard (the package here 
has some flaw (the file has an extension .tgz but it's not 
zipped, and other minor issues in installing) but I got it 
installed and I rebuilt gnubg with BOARD3D support 

When I started gnubg (with the intention to grab some nice 
screenshot to update your old ones on www.gnubg.org :) )
I just cannot see the 3D board. It shows, correctly and 
*very* nicely, into the "appeareance" window, while 
previewing the "real" board. Too bad, when trying to play, 
the "real" board part of the gnubg window appears 
completely empty.
When switching to 2D mode all works.

I can provide screenshots anyway, if this can help you to 
fix the bug.

Thank you very much,
Fabio Spelta

(please keep including me in CC: if you'll reply since i'm 
subscribed to bug-gnubg in digest mode).

Thank you very much,

Fabio Spelta

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