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Réf. : [Bug-gnubg] There is something funny with the dice generator!

From: Massimiliano . Maini
Subject: Réf. : [Bug-gnubg] There is something funny with the dice generator!
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 08:53:59 +0200

>I'm having the same game several times in a row now. I'm using the MT
>dice generator, and the game is the same several games.
>When I go to Settings->Options->Dice, the seed is set to 1082329984, but
>is it really?
>If I press the down arrow of the seed spinner, it goes down to 15999999.
>~ And if I select the number in the seed box, 1082329984, and then hold
>down the Cancel button, 16000000 appears in the seed box.
>I therefor have a suspicion that the seed is actually set to 16000000 in
>all these games where I get the same dice. Have anyone seen the same?
>The windows builds does not support long RNG seeds. Can it be that if a
>longer seed is selected, it will automatically drop down to 16000000?
>- -Øystein

I've been experiencing the very same.
For a while I thought it was just a feeling, then I saved a few
consecutive matches and I inspected the rolls ...

I also confirm the seed stuff (WinXP SP1, 0.14.2 1.1554 040411).


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