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[Bug-gnubg] Bug? Match statistics

From: Joachim Matussek
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Bug? Match statistics
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 13:45:44 +0200


here is an output that confuses me a bit.

                                      pl1                  pl2                 
Overall Statistics:
Error rate (total)                    -0.862 (-17.348%)    -1.897 (-30.602%)   
Error rate (per decision)               -17 ( -0.340%)       -41 ( -0.665%)    
Equiv. Snowie error rate                 -9                  -19               
Overall rating                        Intermediate         Awful!              
Actual result                          +18.25%              -18.25%            
Luck adjusted result                    +2.42%               -2.42%            
Luck based FIBS rating diff.           +48.50                                  
Error based abs. FIBS rating          1791.0               1468.8              
Chequerplay errors rating loss         239.6                515.2              
Cube errors rating loss                 19.3                 66.0              

I am used to find +50% and -50% as "Actual result". The file was imported as 
Snowie standard text format. File appended. GnuBG Build 1590. Windows version. 

Joachim Matussek
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