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RE: [Bug-gnubg] Analysis window: move is no longer highlighted in red

From: Ned Cross
Subject: RE: [Bug-gnubg] Analysis window: move is no longer highlighted in red
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2004 11:02:25 -0700

I am also running windows build 040630, on OS Win2000. Running 2D board with
Game Record and Analysis panels un-docked.  Video is nvidia Geforce fx5200
with drivers dtd 10/2003.

For my setup the recorded move IS highlighted in Red in the analysis window,
BUT I have a couple of similar problems that were introduced sometime around
build 040618:

1) Match Equity Table: Is no longer highlighted for the actual match score.

2) Fonts have changed.  They became larger so that my default window sizes
no longer work at the same board size.  (At least I think its larger (or
different) fonts that caused the windows to no longer contain all the
information).  When I resized the window (I had to make the board window
taller to get the same board size) the height change setting was saved ok,
but when I tried to reduce the window width and saved settings the narrower
board would not be saved. I tried this multiple times but GNUBG still gives
the message "settings saved to .gnubgautorc", but then opens with the wider
board window.  Perhaps I am trying to go narrower than some default 'limit'.

3) Toolbar (my setting is Icons only) artifacts:  There is a white hash mark
above and a black hash mark below each separator (between groupings of
buttons).  After clicking on either the 'stop' or 'reverse direction'
buttons, those buttons become 'outlined' and the outline artifact persists
even after selecting other buttons in the toolbar.

4) Game record highlights.  I saw there was much discussion and the ability
to have colored highlights for bad moves, etc in the game record window.
Unfortunately I never learned how to activate the new features as a windows
user.  I will search the archives to see if I can figure it out, but if
there's an "easy answer" I'd be grateful if someone could point me in the
right direction.


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I am trying the new Version 0.14.3-dev 1.1620 040630 (build Jul  2
2004), OS = WinME.  I have noticed that when I review an analysed match,
the selected move in the games record window is no longer highlighted in
red in the analysis window.  Is this a bug?



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