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[Bug-gnubg] Some suggestions

From: Dean Gay
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Some suggestions
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 17:30:34 -0400

Regarding the window the rollouts are performed in:

1. Can the gnu logo on the left be removed? It takes up a lot of screen
space. People who are using the program are already aware of the name of it.
The name and logo is shown on the window title bar in any case.

2. If you stop a rollout and resume it later, the time estimate doesn't work

3. Is it possible to add a column which shows how far each move is behind
the top choice while the rollout is in progress? For example, top move is
0.565; next move is 0.543 (-0.022).

And on another issue: if you 1) run an analysis at 2-ply; 2) view the
statistics; then 3) evaluate a move at a higher ply or perform a rollout on
it--is it possible to have the new data reflected in the statistics?

The last few "bug reports" I've sent don't appear to have been received.
Hope this one is.

Thanks, folks!

Dean (Chase)

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