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[Bug-gnubg] Crash when setting Appearance

From: Christopher D. Yep
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Crash when setting Appearance
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004 21:26:43 -0400

Windows XP
Build: Version 0.14.3-dev 1.1641 040811
Also the corresponding version from April 20, 2004 (from Oystein's installation archive)

I used to use a version from January 2004 with no problems. I then downloaded a July version and had some problems with changing Appearance. I now have downloaded the latest version (040811) and still have these problems.

Here's what currently happens:

If I open GNU and change the appearance, everything is fine.

(Note: if I try to use a 3D board, a DOS box pops up: "OpenGL Error: invalid enumerant"; however I don't care about this much because I prefer to use 2D boards.)

If I then maximize GNU and then try to change Appearance (Settings - Appearance), GNU immediately crashes (as soon as I click on Appearance). It appears that this problem only occurs (for me) when GNU is maximized.

I tried several solutions.

1. I tried (as best as I could manage) to make a fresh install. I removed GNU via Windows' "Add/Remove Programs." I then renamed the original \gnubg directory. I then installed Oystein's April 20, 2004 setup.exe.

2. This didn't solve the problem, so I then downloaded build 040811 and installed it.

2. The problem still existed so I next tried installing recent copies of texturesZip.exe, board3Dfiles.exe, and boards.exe from Nardy's web site.

3. I next tried deleting .gnubgautorc, re-opening GNU (it now opens with the default appearance), Save Settings, close GNU, re-open GNU (to get a fresh .gnubgautorc). This still did not solve the problem.

I'm aware that some of the texture files have changed in the last year (specifically my old .gnubgautorc referenced base.bmp, board.bmp, and hinge.bmp textures; these have been abandoned in current builds). Thus, I hoped that getting GNU to automatically create a .gnubgautorc (and specifically the "set appearance board" line) would fix the problem, but it doesn't.

Note: my textures.txt file is dated March 29, 2004.

The fact that gnubg only seems to crash when I try to change Appearance when gnubg is maximized makes me think that maybe the problem is unrelated to my .gnubgautorc settings, my texture files, etc.

Any ideas?



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