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Re: [Bug-gnubg] new rpms

From: Øystein Johansen
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] new rpms
Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2004 18:12:15 +0200
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Achim Mueller wrote:
| Hi folks,
| I just made new rpms for gnubg. I divided the up into 3d-support/no
| 3d-support. They are available for redhat/fedora/mandrake and suse
| at www.acepoint.de. Debian packages will follow within hours. I
| checked them on my systems, but please, download them and give me
| feedback (especially the 3d-rpms!).


I've successfully build gnubg with 3d support here on by system, however
it doesn't work as smooth and fine as it does on the Windows side, so I
think you might as well leave the 3d support out. Also -- it you include
3d support in the binary, gnubg won't even run if your system doesn't
support accelrated 3d. Just keep it 2d.

So... did you do any changes to the .spec file? As you may know, I'm
building rpm-packages at work now. (Yes, it's even work related!) And
building rpms with your .spec file worked nice except that I had to do
the following changes:

in the %files section, I commented out the files for the textures.
In the same section I also added the files in the scripts directory.

I also added a line in the %install section to build the two sided
bearoff database, and I also added the gnubg.wd file.

- -Øystein

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