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[Bug-gnubg] evaluation DLL for windows

From: David Montgomery
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] evaluation DLL for windows
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 12:54:35 -0700

Hi GnuBG gurus,

At GamesGrid we're looking into upgrading the
gnubg evaluation dll we use for our online
robots (GGraccoon, etc.).

As we usually do, we're running into some problems.

Before we spend a lot more time on it, I wanted
to ask if anyone knows of resources that would 
simplify the task.  

For example, I know that others (BlowFish, 3DFibs)
have built Windows DLLs with the evaluation code.
Does anyone know of any that are publicly available
with the (near) latest version of the evaluation

Does anyone know whether building the gnubg evaluation
code is feasible under MS VC++?

I think we are using version 0.13 of the weights.
Assuming that's true, is there some way to use the 
0.14 weights without updating the dll?  Assuming
that's feasible, how much of the improvement in 
playing strength would this get, relative to also 
getting the changes in the code?


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