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[Bug-gnubg] Re: Access to cvs repository -- thank you!

From: Øystein Johansen
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Re: Access to cvs repository -- thank you!
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 16:43:38 +0200
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Dmitri I GOULIAEV wrote:
| On Tue, Sep 14, 2004 at 06:14:28PM +0200, Oystein Johansen wrote:
|>Да, Конечно!
|>Даренное позволение.
| :-)) Спасибо!
| I don't know whether I should reply in English or in Russian?
| Just tell me.

I know English quite much better than Russian. I'm actually just a
beginner when it comes to Russian. Since you won't reply in Norwegian, I
guess English is better than Russian. (But of course I may learn some
more Russian if you reply in Russian, and I would love to learn more.)

| Sorry for this delay, Oystein!  Somehow I missed your letter, and I
| found it only a moment ago!  Although, I did see that the write
| access to the project's CVS was granted to me.  Thanks!

Spam filter maybe? I know that that problem.

| I have some questions, though.  First of, what is the preferred
| method for the translators to work: do I work on the trunk
| or do I check out some particular revision or branch?

Put it right in the main trunk with 'cvs commit'.

| Secondly.  As you are more close to the development cycle, maybe
| you know whether some kind of cleanup of source tree is expected
| in the near future?   It is not very difficult to do, and the
| benefits will be the more observable source tree (not mixed the
|code, the docs, the images and so on in the top directory).
| I already did this (partially) on my machine; it will be not
| that difficult to do the same in the repository (if someone has
| shell access to it).

You mean clean the directory structure of the source? I have thought of
it, but haven't had the guts do it. I guess there is a source tree
layout standard for gnu projects. src, doc, po, gtk, lib, win32 could be
natural directories in the source tree.

No! Nobody in the project have the shell access to the repository, and
if someone had, that wouldn't have been the way of doing it. The
repository is only changed by the cvs command. That's the law, and
that's sacred. If we decide to change the structure, we will do it
through the cvs commands.

| Third: if I want to contact the people about gnubg (not necessarily
| about Savannah-based resources, but, for example, about gnubg.org)
| whom should I contact -- you, Achim Mueller or bug-gnubg ML?

The bug-gnubg ML is best! The post will for sure be read by the person
with right knowledge. BTW: I'm copying this message to the ML. Mostly
because I want some response to the above paragraph.

I hope you subscribe to the mailing list yourself. It's really worth it!

| And my last question for today.  Don't laugh, please!  Didn't we
| speak with you a few months ago about Russian keyboards and some
| kind of adhesive marks for keys?  If so, please tell me!

Yes, I think we talked about that. Unfortunately I was not able to find
any such stickers. I made my own, but they didn't stick to the keyboard
properly. I therfore changes the russian keyboard layout, and then I
managed without. (Sorry I can't remember where I found the 'phonetic'
layout kyeboard driver.)

| P.S.  I am using not UTF-8'ed console, so there is no way to have
| Scandinavian and Cyrillic letters at the same time.  Sorry about that.

See the problem, I've had it my self. But listen to the worst problem
i've had:

If I in Linux switch to russian keyboard, and then log off. I'm not able
to log inn again since when I type my username it will be cyrillic
letters, and there is not any way to get the keyboard to norwegian
layout in the login screen. There you're stuck!

| До свидания,

hm? Why can't I change to Russian keyboard now? I'll write something
else instead....

Auf Widersehn,
- -Øystein
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